GoBox 3.2

I recently revisited my needs for powering and controlling my rig while doing Astrophotography. What I came up with is a 5 gallon Craftsman tote sold at Lowes home center with a 12v powerwerx power supply, an Anderson power poles distribution block, a Beelink i5 headless P.C. that runs on 12v, a 120v power strip for all the items that need the 120v ac power, a Starizona Microtouch focus controller all inside the tote.  On the outside I put 4 water resistant anderson power poles connectors, an rj12 port for the starizona microtouch controller cable to connect, a USB 3 powered 7 port hub and a male water resistant three pronged 120v ac power port. You will notice that I did not include a battery for running off grid and this is due to the fact that I do not go many places that I don’t have shore power and for those places I do need a battery I have an EGO Nexus power station which will run my system for multiple days before needing a recharge and for that I came up with a way to charge it via solar. Anyways below is a photo of the actual GoBox 3.2.  GoBox 3.2


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