GoBox 2.0

After I built the GoBox 1.0 and used it I figured out that I mainly used it connected to an AC power source. I also decided that I needed to downsize the unit to make it easier to transport and I also wanted more options for connections on the exterior of the box.  I think I succeeded in accomplishing both in my latest version of the GoBox, the 2.0 version. It has no internal battery but has a 30 amp AC to DC switching power supply, an Anderson Power Poles connector with 7 output connectors, a 7 port powered USB hub and an i3 based P.C with 256 gb SSD drive.  On the exterior of the unit I have six USB 3 connectors that allow me to connect it to my rig. I have even added a USB C powered monitor and wireless keyboard and mouse to allow me to visually control the unit without a laptop.  And since I use Voyager to control my rig I can use a tablet to manage my imaging session.

I use a product called Hotspot to allow my GoBox 2.0 to provision IP’s to my laptop or tablet so even though I am not at a site with WIFI I can work with my rig over a wifi connection.

I used a 5 gallon plastic tote to contain it all and I used a fan in the bottom of the tote to draw air into the tote.

As to the off the grid power I chose to use the EGO Nexus Power system to power everything as my mount uses the EGO battery packs for it’s power and the system will shortly have a solar charging option.



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