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Using the PWI software with the CGX-L.

Recently I wrote a document showing the use of PWI software and ASCOM drivers to run PHD2 and SGP thereby bypassing the hand controller.  This can be done via the USB 2 cable or the wifi module sold by Celestron. Located here is the document. Mount setup using PWI software-1


Go Box 1.0

So I had a bit of fun creating a power source that allows me to go off grid and also allows me to be on grid if available.  It inclueds the Epic PWRGate charger and power failover. A PWRcheck keeps tabs on the juice left in the battery and to power/charge it all a 30 amp fixed/adjustable power supply from PowerWerx or when the sun is up a 200 watt portable solar panel.  The battery is a 76.5 AH Li-ion battery I built from scratch.  The Go Box has my focus controller, a headless P.C., Powered USB hub and allows connectivity via ports in the rear of the box for USB, AC power and DC power for the mount and camera. I’ve attached a picture of the insides for your looking pleasure and will upload more photos once I get a chance to take them.